Hello, I’m Thomas!

I’m a Software Engineer.
I’ve been building low-code development platforms for the last 10 years.

On this personal page, you can find some information about me or a list of my public interventions (posts, talks, podcasts…) over the years.

What’s up?

NoCode Summit 2022
I’ll be speaking on September 30th, 2022 at the NoCode Summit in Paris.

  • The talk is called No-Code / Low-Code: past, present and future - a take on 10 years of LCNC platform-building.
    It will take place in the Sydney room at 12:00.
  • In this talk, we will take a step back and provide an overview of where no-code / low-code stands today with regard to the evolution of Software Engineering.
    We will discuss how PayFit was able to build an unicorn startup, in a complex and regulated domain such as payroll, with almost 90% of its product built on an innovative low-code platform.
    And we will exchange on the future of our low-code / no-code industry,

If you’re attending too, let’s get in touch!