A Few Words About Me

I’m a Software Engineer.

During my PhD, I discovered the world of modelling (the software kind, not the fashion one) and its application to Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Science. My thesis proposed a methodology to use domain models, extracted from subject matter experts (SME), to limit the impact of task-switching (such as interruptions) in complex systems (cockpits, air traffic control, …).

Since then, I’ve never been far from the software modelling world.
Abstractions in General Purpose Languages, building Domain Specific Languages, Low-Code / No-Code platforms, Model-Driven Engineering: my main focus over the last years has been on decreasing accidental complexity so that end-users can focus on their essential complexity. I use modelling approaches and User-Centered Design to provide usable systems to non-insiders.

Currently, I work as a Staff Engineer at PayFit. There, I help building our in-house full-fledged low-code platform (called the “JetLang Platform”) which lets Product Builders from all our markets describe their country specific payroll logic easily.

Before joining PayFit, I was leading the R&D on the Generative Objects Low-Code platform, which lets analyst with low development skills create their own Web business applications without code.


You can reach out to me directly by email (firstname[at]villaren.fr, this pattern works for other members of my family as well) or on social media (Twitter or LinkedIn)